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Your Hosts

Kate and Grahame Dowling are retired professional people with a love for gardening and relaxation with good friends and guests.

Before developing Varykino we operated Beverley Cottage B & B on Lawson Park in Mudgee for six years. We obtained a four-star rating from “Take Two” in the travel section of The Sydney Morning Herald in 1996 and won the Best Town Garden and Best Cottage Garden Awards in that same year in the Mudgee Garden Competition.

We have a love of fluffy cats and dogs and currently have a collection of them.

Slim Dusty was our most honoured guest at Beverley Cottage on several occasions and used to sit in our lounge with Tigger, one of our cats (then a kitten), on his lap.

Tigger is now a big cat and loves to sit and watch the geese (pictured at left).

Pictures Top right: Kathy Dowling, Slim and his wife Joy McKean, and Grahame Dowling. Top middle: Slim with Tigger.

  • Kate on the bridge

  • Kate, Wookie, Gemma and Teddy

  • Tranquility

"We come to Varykino in early spring. Soon the trees grew green-alder and hazelnut and cherry-especially in the Shutma, the hollow below Mikulitsin's house. And soon after that the nightingales began to sing.."

- Dr Zhivago by Boris Pastemak
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